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If speeding tickets or other traffic violations are dismissed by the Judge in court, can it still affect Insurance Premium?

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In the passed 1 yr I had 1 at-fault accident & 2 speeding tickets (neither of them were for reckless driving). My licence was also suspended without my knowing because I had moved to a new address (within the same state & county) but I hadn't yet updated my address w/ the DMV. They sent me a letter requesting proof of insurance and since i did not get the letter & didn't respond in time, they suspended my licence. I discovered this, contacted them, & provided proof that i had insurance on the DATE they requested it so my license was re-instated. I still had to go to court as a formality. The charge was dismissed by the Judge. Similarly, I was given a ticket for not updating my driver's licence (w/ the new address) in time so got a new license w/ the new address. Now my insurance is vry hgh

I have 12 points as a result of these but i am taking a DMV-required driver improvement course to remove up to 5 points. I just don't understand why the ones that were dismissed would still affect my chances of getting a reasonable insurance rate. My insurance basically went through the roof :-(

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In CA, the actual dismissal doesn't happen until after traffic school is done with. Perhaps when you're done and the points are removed your rates will go back down. Have you attempted quotes with other insurance carriers? I know it's most convenient to just stay with the company you have already, but maybe another insurer will look at your driving record in a different way. I always tell my DUI clients to shop around for new rates. Give it a shot.


Are you sure all of your charges were dismissed? If you have 12 demerit points as a result of these then you were convicted of something. You do not get assessed points in Virginia unless you are actually convicted of an offense. You may have had all of your charges reduced, but it sounds like the 12 points are hurting your rates and those are based on actual convictions.

Your insurance company's rates are a private, contractual matter. They can raise your rates even when you get no tickets. You are free to shop around for the best rates.

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