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If someone was accused in april of 1997 and convicted in july 1997 of child rape and spent 15 years in jail and on life time

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and are on life time community service, wore an ankle bracelet for several months, is attending after care treatment and doing so well his PO officer removed the bracelet based on information from the teacher of the after care program. My friend was called today and was told he had to put the bracelet back on him for life based on new laws is the legal

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Until someone fights a law, it is legal. There is some good case law in TN that makes me believe that it would violate ex post facto protections. This is based on Community Supervision for Life being held to be punishment and not regulatory in nature.

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Yes. These types of civil penalties are enforced across the country. Because they are considered civil, rather than criminal punishment, they do not violate the Constitution's protection against double jeopardy. You may be able to find a civil rights group interested in challenging the law, but so far there has been little success countering these civil penalties.

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