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If someone stole my identity in 2005 but i am just now finding out can I still sue them?

Morrison, CO |

I had my identity stole in 2005 but I am just now finding out about it because a debt collector called me wanting money. I would like to sue the person but I don't know if I am still able to do that.

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Whether you can sue the perpetrator of the identity theft will depend on your state law. Some states have laws that apply directly to identity theft victims and provide for remedies against the perpetrator. Sometimes you have to rely on existing laws that will fit your particular claims. Each law will have a statute of limitations which is a period of time in which you must bring the claim. Many causes of action have a discovery rule for when the statute of limitations begins. This means that the period does not begin until you have discovered the wrongdoing. I suggest that you see an attorney licensed to practice in your state to find out more about what you can do. You should also review your credit reports for any other fraud accounts that may appear. You can file a fraud affidavit with the police or other government authority that you can then use to dispute any fraud accounts on your reports. As best as you can, don't wait for the fraud to become a problem for you if you can find it and correct it before it affects you in a tangible way. I have more information about what to do when you are the victim of identity theft, including information from the Federal Trade Commission, on my website at You may find this information helpful.