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If someone receive work permit in the US can they travel outside the US, if their visa is expired,?

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Would they be able to come back to the US.? what exactly can they do in order to get back to the US?

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You provide too little information. What do you mean by a work permit? If you mean an EAD, what was the basis for the EAD? Whether you can travel and what you must do BEFORE you travel depends on these two things. Contact a good attorney to help you sort it out.

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Read the annotation on your EAD. Doesn't it state that having an EAD is not proof for status or for readmission to the US?

One can have an EAD issued to him/her for a multitude of reasons, including while in removal proceedings in immigration court.

To be able to be readmitted to the US after foreign travel you need to be "admissible" in an otherwise valid non immigrant status, not be inadmissible due to previous overstays or illegal entries, both of which can make you "inadmissible" for 3 or even 10 years.

Have your situation be examined by a competent immigration attorney before you do something foolish you'll regret for the rest of your life.

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I hope you are kidding when you ask this question. Why? Because it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that EAD does not confer any legal status. It is said on the document itself. It is how and why you were found eligible for the document and whether the document is a combo card that would make one able to answer your question.

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