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If someone pawned an item from rent a center for a payday loan could they go to jail ?

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I pawwned my tv from rent a center until payday however the manager from rent a center showed up at my house today and said he ran a check with the pawn shop and my name popped he also said if i didnt bring him his money to get his tv back tommorow he would get me for trafficking and recieving stolen property I dont get paid before next week can he do this?

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Look carefully at the pawn shop paperwork. It probably says that you represented that you owned what you were pawning and if you didn't pay the money back then the shop gets to keep the tv set. That is essentially the same as sellling it. And that's your problem. A person can not legally sell something that they do not own. Now look at your rent a center paperwork. It probably says that you agree to take good care of the tv set and it may even say that you agree not to dispose of it without telling rent a center, or something like that. Depending on your state law, "trafficking" and "receiving stolen property" may not be the right words for what was done, but it probably was a minor criminal act of some kind. You need to work this out with the rent a center right away. Depending on your paperwork with them and your state law, they could try to file a criminal charge against you. Your best bet may be to try to convince them that you agree that you may have done something stupid but you did not intend to do anything that was a crime and that you will get the tv set back and return it to them as soon as you can. If they don't go easy on you, then you need to talk to a local criminal law attorney right away.One other thing, don't talk about this on the internet because what you say can be used against you. Discussing potential criminal charges or penalties at online forums can be risky. If your concern is about potential criminal issues, then you should not talk about it on the internet at all. Instead you should talk to a criminal law lawyer near you, right away. Many investigators now check social media and Q&A websites when they are investigating a possible defendant, looking for questions that may indicate possible guilt or damaging admissions that can be gleaned from questions posted online. To ask your criminal law question more safely, you may want to read this free online Avvo Legal Guide, How to Ask a Criminal Law Legal Question, Not Get in Trouble, and Get the Right Answer, here: I do not know what your circumstance is or if you are inquiring only generally or perhaps for another person who was wondering. Regardless, you should talk to a local criminal law attorney near you right away. Call your local attorney's Bar Association and ask for a referral to a Criminal Law attorney near you. If this answer was helpful, please give a “Vote Up” review below. Thanks and good luck. Ron Burdge,

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