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If someone over 18 in California has cyber sex with someone who is 17 in New York, can the person in California get in trouble?

Berkeley, CA |

The age of consent in California is 18, but in New York it is 17. What are the chances of the person in California getting in trouble and under what juristictition?

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Under California law you would definitely be in trouble. Under New York law you may be okay. However, under federal law a minor is anyone under 18 so it is likely to be problematic if the FBI comes a knockin'. Good luck.

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If you have pictures on your electronic devices of "kiddie porn" (anyone under 18) the Feds take this very seriously. You could face prison and being on the sexual predator list for life.

I always counsel my clients never to send, receive, post or take nude pictures. Nothing good ever comes from these actions.

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