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If someone is working on a commercial building and gets injured..., who is responsible for claim?

San Juan Capistrano, CA |

Basically unsafe working conditions, no supervision on a major demolition project. Live 220 volt exposed wires, no breathing equipment provided in a multi- hazardous drywall/fiberglass airborn particle nightmare. Is the contractor responsible to provide breathing safety equipment in such a case?

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If you are employed on a job site and get injured on the job site, then you can file a workers' compensation claim and it would be covered by the employer. If there are additional safety concerns, such as the ones you have raised, you can file a complaint with Cal-OSHA about the working conditions.


Unsafe working conditions will likely to be the responsibility of your employer, not the building owner. However, in some situations there might be joint responsibility. This is an OSHA issue and you can report it anonymously through the website.

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You should hire an attorney conversant in both worker's comp and personal injury law. It sounds like you may have a worker's comp claim, even though you never did say you got hurt. If you did, there may also be a 3rd party claim.

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