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If someone is served with papers in trust matters to produce accounting how long do they have to produce

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what the courts have ordered?and how long is an appraisal on a house good for before it has to be appraised again?

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Typically, when the probate court orders an accounting it will set an OSC. That is the date the accounting is due. How long is an appraisal good? It depends on the purpose for which it was obtained and any reasons for a reappraisal.

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The person requesting the accounting should have given you notice that there would be a hearing on the request. If the court finds that an accounting is required and issues an order it will contain a date by which the accounting must be filed with the court and served on the parties/interested persons. The court may set an date for an Order to Show Cause why you should not be held in contempt of court if you do not produce the accounting by the required date. If you are the person ordered to produce an accounting, you should have been served with the order. There is no guideline other than "reasonableness" for how long an appraisal is good. I would suggest that if you do not have an appraisal newer than 90 days,you will want to have the property reappraised. Also, if you are the trustee, you will have a beginning appraisal for when you became trustee or at a later accounting.

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I concur with the other two answers.

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