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If someone is going back into a state to visit (Mass.) that owes back due child support, can you blow the whistle on them?

Jacksonville, FL |

the child still lives in Ma. with the mother, is still under 18 , it is court ordered and long overdue. Sixteen years to be exact. I just filed for child support in the state he lives in now Florida. He is just a deadbeat and i am tired of useless parents.

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So there is a Mass. Order requiring a person to pay child support and they are not paying it? If you live in Florida, you could domesticate the Mass. order and then have a Florida Court enforce it. But you could also hire a Mass attorney and move to enforce that order as well. First of all, as far as "blowing the whistle" is concerned, you can blow all you want but unless you seek proper relief from the court with jurisdiction over the matter, then you are likely wasting your time. It would make a lot of sense for you to hire an attorney to review your paperwork and then give you the pros and cons of proceeding with either the Mass judgment or domesticating the Florida judgment. Just because he does not live in Mass. does not mean that you cannot have a contempt order entered there and, based on what the contempt order states, you might be able to have Florida take action to assist with the enforcement of the Mass judgment. But I'm really just speculating here....not giving advice. You need an attorney to look at the whole picture.

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