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If someone is arrested from stealing money from my bank account, do I have to press charges?

Mullica Hill, NJ |

Someone used my debit card to steal a lot of money from my checking account ($7000.00). The bank will not credit my count under Reg E unless someone is arrested. I do not want this person to have a felony on their record, if it is who I think it is.
If I file a police report and the person is arrested, do I have to press charges against this person? Or is it out of my control and the prosecutor decides whether or not to press charges? The bank will only refund the money if an arrest is made. Can the bank then file charges even though it's my money? Thank you.

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Attorney answers 1


The bank wants to deter false theft claims. Its agreement with you governs what the bank (and you) can and can not do. I do not understand why you care if this person has a felony on his record. It would seem if he stole $7000.00 he does not care about you