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If someone has committed perjury in Family Court and it can be proven. How do you press charges and with whom?

Hesperia, CA |

My ex is a recently convicted felon and reg. sex offender. I received a declaration from him recently containing at lest 4 statements of absolute perjury. I believe his lawyer also knows these were false statements, but I am not concerned with the lawyer at this time. How can I proceed with this?

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You don't get to '"press charges"; the court, not you, is the "victim". If you prove to the court, using admissible evidence, that the statements made by your ex were false, were material to the case, AND that that he made them KNOWING they were false, THEN the judge MAY refer the matter to the district attorney for prosecution. The chance that the DA is actually going to prosecute perjury in a family law court declaration is VERY small.


You could file a complaint directly with the DA, maybe, depends on the county, but the chances of getting anywhere are extremely small.

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