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If someone breaks into your house and you shoot them, does that make you a criminal in California?

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What are the laws about protecting your castle/estate? Are there certain cases where I could be tried as a criminal for protecting my home or am I given complete license to do so? My neighborhood is rough. I don't want to break the law and that's why I want to know self-defense laws. Are they absolute in your own home or what?

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You might be well-served by looking on They have LOTS of info regarding this issue.
Look for the FAQ relating to the castle doctrine.

Good luck!

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Sean Patrick Lewis

Sean Patrick Lewis


Bottom line, though, is that you NEVER have carte-blanch license to kill someone.


These are handled by a case by case basis and the facts will matter.
Robert Driessen

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Depending on the circumstances, yes, you could be charged criminally for shooting an intruder. Even if you are charged, you should be able to assert a self defense argument.
But generally speaking, just the fact that someone broke into your home does not give you unfettered right to shoot them.

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