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If some one from Asia wants to get fiance visa and her fiance is black. does it matter?

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my friend is a white girl from Asia, she is in love with a black guy that he is 3 years younger than her from U.S. they are going to get marry. then they want to apply for fiance visa. is the color of their race important? do the officer consider it? what about their age distance?

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No-o-o-o! As long as they marry for love and fulfill statutory requirements there will be "no problem". Let't wish them well.


No, their race is not important. What is important is that they can show they have a real relationship, that they're not getting married just so she can get a green card. They should be prepared with as many documents as possible to show that their relationship is real -- photos together, letters or emails they might have sent each other, plane tickets, etc. from any trips they have taken together.

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No, it's more important they work with an attorney. My firm handles marriage claims in NY.
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Absolutely not. I agree with my colleague; wish them a wonderful marriage.