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If refusal to re-sign Employee Handbook leads to termination/voluntary quit, would I still be entitled to collect unemployment?

Milwaukee, WI |

Supervisor is requiring that the Employee Handbook, agreement be re-signed by employees. Based on what has already happened (long story) I do not feel comfortable re-signing. This was something that was signed upon being hired December 16, 2011, by last supervisor. If I refuse to sign a new agreement, would the employer be bound by all of the terms of the agreement signed in 2011?

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Why would you refuse to sign a handbook? You may want to have an employment attorney review the handbook as a lot of issues have been arising based on handbooks and their content. Otherwise, if you refuse, you could risk not getting unemployment if an administrative law judge finds it to be misconduct though it's not entirely clear what policy, other than insubordination, you would be violating. Feel free to contact my office.

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