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If recieved a ticket for passing a school bus and I have been told that I am looking at 5 points and a 60 day license susp.

Souderton, PA |

I wanted to know if there was anyway that this ticket can be fought. The cop saw me pass the school bus. It's seems from talking with other attorneys in the area it's more about seeing if this can be negotiated to something less at the hearing. I do have a clean driving record.

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Retain a criminal defense attorney and ask for a hearing.


If the cop saw you it is unlikely you can fight it unless you have evidence to the contrary.
I agree with trying to negotiate it to a lesser offense so you don't lose your license.
A local attorney who is experienced with traffic matters should be able to assist. It is too serious to go into court without representation.



It may be negotiated


Almost anything can be negotiated. You definitely should plead not guilty and request a hearing to give yourself a chance. The fact that you have a clean driving record will help in the negotiations. However, I too believe you should get a local attorney to help fight for you. He or she may know the officer or District Justice which can only help.

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