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If person charged with 8 different counts of 3 separate sex crimes, and the bail is set at 500,000,significant evidence?

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He is charged with these crimes against a minor and hoping they have enough evidence to raise bail or lift bail amount, is that possible? He was charged yesterday at arraignment and has another arraignment tomorrow, so also wondering about more charges and worried he might get out on bail. Has to be significant flight risk and wondering if police would tail him if notified he made bail.

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I don't understand how this question is related to a family law matter. Generally if a person is convicted of sex crimes against a minor, then they will be prohibited in terms of visitation with a minor. Police don't tail someone of they make bail. If they don't appear, then the court will order a bench warrant for their arrest.


You sound very concerned about what will happen if the alleged sex offender is released from jail. If you are one of the minors that provided evidence for the charges, or you are the parent for the minor, you should contact an attorney about getting a TRO. If the defendant attempts to contact you after the TRO is granted, he can be arrested again. Please contact an attorney or seek assistance from the free restraining order clinic at your local courthouse. Stay safe.
Linda M. DeStephano, Esq.

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