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If paternity has been established for my child with out a test and I now know that he is not the father how can I get this over

Indianapolis, IN |

This man is crazy and know he is not the father and I need to get this fixed so I can get this man out of my life.

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Attorney answers 1


There are a few more questions that would need answered before I could give you a definitive answer about how to proceed. For example, do you know who the biological father is? Is he aware that he is the father? Is the biological father available? How did you confirm paternity if you did not have a blood or DNA test? Did the man sign a paternity affidavit or were you married to him when the child was born? You should really sit down with an attorney and discuss the available options.



I do know who the father is and yes he is available. He signed a paternity affidavit. This is just a crazy situation! I was young and was between two different relationships at the time and I really thought he was her father I know now he isn't and there is no way it could be him and he is harassing me and sending crazy letters to my daughters high school. the real father is aware and has been in her life all of her life.