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If parents live in different states what court should a child support and visitation order for adjustment be filed in

Indianapolis, IN |

I am in need of getting my child visitation and child support order adjusted, but my ex-wife and both live in different states from where our original order was finalized, can and how do I get this moved to either her current state of residence or mine?

I’m in a dilemma where my daughter at the age of 18 on May 5th 2007 left the house, got married on April 30th, 2008 and is expecting a baby on June 2009. She lives with her husband in Texas, mother lives in California, father lives in South Carolina and the case was open in New York City. So my question is how do I stop child support when New York courts tell me to close the case in South Carolina and South Carolina courts tell me to close it in New York where the case was legally open. I have gone back and forth between states trying to close child support which has been going on for 1 year.

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Visitation should be handled where the child resides. Child support enforcement should occur where you reside, SC. To modify, ie end child support, you should file where the child last resided with the mother. I am assuming California. If not, NY retains jurisdiction.

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