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If parents have 50/50 custody is the parents with higher income still obligated to pay the other for child support?

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FOR 50/50 custody is the parent with the higher income obligated to pay the other parent child support?

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Child support is according to guidelines. People have the misconception that because time-sharing is 50/50, there is no child support. While that may be the case the majority of the time (at least minimal support), that is not the case all the time. In order to properly answer your question, we would need to run guidelines to see if there would be any support obligation. Hope this helps.

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There will usually be a child support obligation even in a true 50/50 time-sharing situation when one party has a higher net income. Other factors will include the costs of childcare and health insurance for the child, and which party pays them.

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In most cases, yes.

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Generally speaking, yes.

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