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If my spouse must pay me maintenance and he files for bankruptcy after the divorce, what happens to my maintenance?

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He has a tax lien and has frequently mentioned bankruptcy before we split.

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Maintenance is not dischargable in bankruptcy, but if he cannot pay, it will accrue with interest and be a debt to you, which may not be of help in the short term to you.

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Thank you Mr. Rich, but how can it become a debt to me? That is scary.


Mr. Rich is correct. I would offer one caution. If you assign your rights to the maintenance to a collection attorney or collection agency, the maintenance owed becomes dischargeable in bankruptcy. Maintenance and child support are considered under federal bankruptcy law to be non-dischargeable debts.


Niether maintenance or child support can be discharged in bankruptcy and must be paid if the person is able.

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It is non dischargeable