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If my sister in law is getting sued for back taxes for taxes my son owes on a house trailer wouldn't he be involved in the suit

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My sister in law sold her house trailer to my son and on trying to get the title to the trailer she now claims she is getting sued for back taxes for taxes my son owes. I want to know if my son should be involved in the suit also, because we can't get any info from her on who the lawyer is because we are willing to pay the lawyer to get this resolved so my youngest son who bought the trailer from my oldest son can keep the trailer.

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Taxes on property are owed by the owner of the property - so if your sister is being sued, the county must still believe she's the owner of the property. However, if there's a lawsuit, you should be able to get the information about the suit and who's representing her from the clerk of the court (often this is available online). Check there to get the details of representation.

Good luck.

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