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If my public defender does not contact me before my preliminary hearing can I get a continuance?

Marcus Hook, PA |

I have tried contacting my public defender many times and left many polite messages over the past week trying to get her to meet with me and discuss my case, I have prepared a list of questions I would like her to cross examine the officer with and want her advice on the situation. She hasn't returned even one of my phone calls and is known for not talking to the defense until 5 minutes before the hearing. If this is the case would I be able to request a continuance so I have time to refer and talk to my counsel?

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Attorney answers 3


Most counties will not allow you to file anything for as long as you are represented.


Try to set up an appointment prior to the preliminary hearing. If this is the first listing, the court may grant a continuance. Good luck.


I agree with Mr. Keller. If you still have no success by the time if the hearing, instruct your PD to request a continuance on your behalf so the two of you can talk about the case before hand. You're experiencing one of the negatives about representation by a PD. I n my county, Allegheny, defendants normally don't know what PD will represent them ahead if time.