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If my mother signed temporary guardianship over to two people of me when i was nine, can I go live with her now that I am 17?

Marion, NC |

I would like to go live with my mother, but the two people who have guardianship or custody of me will not let me. I am old enough to know where I want to live. I do not want to be in the home I am because of things that go on.

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It is unlikely that these people would be temporary guardians for 8 years. I would suggest a few things. One option is to find out from the probate department of your local court what authority these people have to be your guardians. Whether it is temporary or permanent, you and your mother may be able to petition the court to terminate it. Several factors would be considered by the court, among them why these people were given guardianship, what your mother's situation is currently, where your father stands on this, etc. This could be time-consuming and expensive. The other option would be to wait until you turn 18. In NC you are considered an adult at 18 and (unless there are other issues) you can live where you choose to live. Good luck -

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