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If my mother bought most of the goods in my house as a gift to me, is my soon to be ex-wife entitled to these goods?

Savannah, GA |

Almost all furniture was given to me over 19 years. My mother still has all of the receipts.

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Attorney answers 2


If your mother gifted you these itmes, they are not marital property. Therefore, they SHOULD not be considered in the divorce in the equitable division of material property. If there is a dispute, your mother will probably have to testify regarding the gifts.


Your wife only has an interest in marital property and her own separate property. Items given to you specifically are generally your own separate property, unless said items increased in value as a result of your spouse's efforts. Now, you just have to prove that these goods were gifts specifically to you, a fact to which your mother can perhaps testify. A divorce attorney can aide you in sifting through what is marital and what is separate property based on specific evidence you provide to them. Best of luck.