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If my Medicaid pending application on behalf of my husband is rejected can the nursing home bill me?

Ocala, FL |

My husband and are Florida residents. We have no assets; only Social Security and other pensions. I want to place him soon, but cannot afford financial risks.

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If you are unable to receive Medicaid benefits for your husband, then the nursing home can look to you and your husband for payment.

Good luck.

Jerry E Shiles

Jerry E Shiles


I don't agree with this answer. Unless the wife signs as a guarantor, she cannot be held liable for her husband's nursing home expense.


No - in the state of Florida you are not responsible for his bills unless you signed a guarantee with the Nursing Home. Do NOT SIGN A GUARANTEE OR RESPONSIBLE FOR HIM!
You should seek representation so you can get diversion of his SS and pension when he goes into the home!

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Not unless you personally guarantee payment. So don't personally guarantee payment! Don't let this fear stand in the way of getting the care your husband needs... The fact is that the care giver spouse (that's you!) dies before the nursing home spouse 64% of the time! Why? Because they kill themselves keeping the other one out of the nursing home... your husband needs you, especially when he's in a long term care facility - take care of yourself, then (and only then) can you take care of him...

This is not legal advice. I am not your lawyer. You are not my client. You cannot rely on my response to your question. My response to your question is probably worth exactly what you paid for it. You don't get to sue me for anything. If you'd like to sue me, well you have to hire me first.