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If my license is revoked in FL can i get a license in GA?

Naples, FL |

My license is revoked for 5 years due to points. I've been labeled a habitual driving offender. I have no DUI or nothing. i want to know if i can go to GA or another state and get a license?

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No. 46 of the 50 states (Georgia being one of them) have entered into the Driver License Compact. This means that all the states share one computer system and all the information is linked. Therefore, all 45 of the other states will know that your license is suspended in FL and deny you a license in their state as well.


My answer is maybe. Georgia, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Massachusetts aren't members of the Driver's License Compact, which requires states to suspend a license if the other state has suspended BUT all states belong to a register that reports traffic violations and suspensions to the other states. So Georgia could honor the suspension but they are not bound to honor it. Understand one important thing though. Let's say you go to Georgia and get a license. You still can NOT legally drive in Florida because Florida has suspended your privilege to drive in Florida.


Maybe you can get your drivers license in Georgia, there are plenty of states that seem to either 1) ignore a FL suspension or 2) never catch it to begin with. Seems that Maryland, Colorado, California, and Texas are a few other states where I've seen my clients obtain drivers licenses even though their FL license is suspended. Of course, you cannot drive in FL with an out of state license in such circumstances, because FL has suspended your ability to drive in this state. I agree with the above analysis that a Habitual Traffic Offender suspension can be overturned. Or, you may qualify for a hardship license, if you've let one year of the 5 year suspension pass without having a driving incident.

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