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If my leased car got into an accident and it has been fixed will I be liable for any charges when I return the car?

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I'm leasing 2008 Toyota Avalon.I had an accident a couple of days ago and the insurance of the other driver (the driver at fault) will cover all expenses to fix the car (or cover total loss if necessary-total loss or amount of possible repair to be determined from the body shop today).When I have to turn in the lease back after 6 months will there be any charges for me from the leasing company because since the car had been repaired and its not without an accident?I talked to Toyota and I was told that if the car is fine at the time of the return it should be alright and I won't have to pay anything but sometimes in reality things happen differently than what is said from the customer service and their supervisor so I wanted to ask what is the usual practice so I know how to defend my case

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Your car will now have an accident history. To make sure you have no difficulties when your lease expires, get it in writing from whoever told you from Toyota "that if the car is fine at the time of the return it should be alright and you won't have to pay anything"

This is also why people with leased cars insist that a dealer authorized repair place (i.e. Toyota itself) do the required repairs. Do not let a body shop that is not Toyota authorized do the repairs.

Finally, many insurers (State Farm, Progressive, Geico, Farmers Insurance to name four) try to use after-market parts for such repairs. Do not allow after-market or market-replacement parts for such repairs. Demand only Toyota brand new parts be used for repairs.

Good luck to you. God bless. Best of luck to you.

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