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If my landlord didnt use the right last name on lease is it legal

Newport News, VA |

my landlord has different name from my lease is it legal also are they allowed to come to your house at 5:54 am to your house

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If there was a spelling error no problem. If he doesnt own or manage the property, problem. Shouldn't come that early except emergency.


I agree with the advice given to you by the other attorney with regards to the Landlord’s name.
With regard to whether the landlord can enter your property at such an early hour, it would have to be under very strict and special circumstances; otherwise he would be in violation of the lease’s “covenant of quiet enjoyment”

Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment

Typically this is a promise, that you have the right to use the property without interference from the landlord. This promise is typically spelled out in your lease, however if it is not expressly written, it is always implied in every lease.

If you are having problems with your landlord, you should consult with an attorney to explain your rights under the lease. After that consultation, you will be able to decide in what direction you wish to go.

Good Luck and if you need further information, feel free to contact me.

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