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If my husband was drunk during the ceremony of marriage can we get an annulment?

Bronx, NY |

We thought we wanted get married but he decided he didn't so he went out to drink the day of the wedding and so he said i do but when he sobered up he realized he really didnt

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The situation does not fall within the categories for annulment in New York. The annulment category of "Incapable of consenting for want of understanding " DRL 7(2), usually applies to diagnosed mental retardation or mental illness. You can get a divorce based on "irretrievable breakdown," but you have to wait until six months after the marriage.


You would probably be able to make out a cause of annulment, either on the grounds that he lacked sufficient "understanding" of the proceeding and/or because of his "physical state." If this is your intention, you should move to annul the marriage immediately, however, as the longer you go, the more a Judge may believe that at some point you "ratified" the marriage. In any event, I encourage you to schedule a follow-up consultation with a Bronx Co. Divorce attorney.

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Anthony J. Pietrafesa

Anthony J. Pietrafesa


and just remember there is a difference between a legal annulment and an annulment in the church. Maybe you want a legal divorce but also have the religious ceremony annulled/


I have a legal guide on my profile comparing annulment and divorce. An annulment will require a hearing. An uncontested divorce generally can be done on papers submitted to the court. Talk to some attorneys to weigh your options.


Consult with a local divorce lawyer if you want either a divorce or an annulment. They are different procedures and require different paperwork. Depending on the facts either may be possible.

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