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If my husband lied about being previously married on the marriage application, under New York law is our marriage still valid

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My husband never told me he was previously married in florida before marrying me. We both live in New York and that is where we got married. He lied about it on our marriage certificate when it asked about previous marriages. He claims he had an annulment however he doesnt have any paperwork. He said he threw it out. Please help me, I do not know where to even start! Will he get in trouble for lying on the marriage license? Does this mean that our marriage is null and void?

How did you finad out he was previously married

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A marriage may be deemed void by reason of bigamy. Parties to this "marriage" may walk away from void marriages without court order. If children or large property to be dealt with, then just walking away may not seem the best option and more likely entering into a separation agreement may be more palatable.
Please find yourself a qualified Divorce Law attorney in your area. You can look on AVVO as a start. I also have a name for you and if you contact me through my website, I would be happy to give you his name.

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I am a Florida lawyer. Let me inform you that obtaining an annulment in Florida is not simple. Florida allows annulments ONLY in a limited number of situations. You may find out if Florida has a record of your husband's divorce by going on-line. There are numerous cites that can help you find this out for a fee, or you can go to the Florida Department of Vital Statistics and look on their website for any record of a divorce or annulment.

If there is no such record of divorce, then your Husband may be a bigamist, in which case, your marriage is not valid. I am not familiar with New York law regarding lying on your marriage license, however, it may be important to determine whether or not your marriage is valid, especially if no record of an annulment/divorce exists in Florida.