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If my girlfriend got convicted for DUI. Will she get deported. She is a permanent resident

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No, if it is her first DUI. But her Naturalization could be postponed.


Retain a good criminal attorney. Will she placed in removal proceedings or not depends on many factors. You may want to speak to a local immigration attorney

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Not without more.

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Meet with a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with immigration consequences. Or with an immigration attorney who is also familiar with criminal defense.

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If this is her first offense, local ICE is not deporting such cases. However, it will impact her naturalization so retain an experienced criminal immigration lawyer.


She should speak with an attorney that handles DUI's and she should also consult with an immigration attorney.



Firstly, a charge is not the same as a conviction. If her trial date is coming up, she has probably yet to be convicted. Secondly, if convicted, It is unlikely she will be deported (removed) if this is her first DUI conviction. Her permanent residence status will probably be unaffected.

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