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If my fiancee agrees to what is in the prenuptial. how long for her lawyer to 'negotiate' it and have her sign it?

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also is a postnuptial agreement in new york the same and as enforceable as a prenuptial agreement?

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Negotiation time may vary - there's no real "deadline" as it depends on the issues involved. And yes, a properly-drawn postnuptial is as enforceable as a prenuptial. For a 2d opinion, schedule a consultation with a NYC Divorce attorney.

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Post nups exist and are enforceable. I don't know what your wife will say after a lawyer advises her of her legal rights. You may be unpleasantly surprised.

Good luck.


How reasonable is any ex wife after meeting with he divorce attorney?

Brad S. Margolis

Brad S. Margolis


If she meet with most of us she would hear all her rights and obligation s. That can make almost anyone unreasonable . Good Luck


Depends if she agrees. Post nups and pre nups are both enforceable if represented by separate counsel and full disclsoure.

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If she meet with most of us she would hear all her rights and obligation s. That can make almost anyone unreasonable .

Good Luck

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If she "agrees" without really knowing what the alternatives to agreeing are, then she's not really agreeing and the "agreement" may not be enforceable. A good attorney will advise her of the alternatives, and then let her make the choice and negotiate on her behalf accordingly. It is not for the attorney to advise her to give up or not give up certain rights or obligations--only to inform her of what they are, and then let her make the choice. In that case, the "negotiations" depend upon your fiancee's requirements. So, if as you say, she agrees, then it won't take long at all. Good luck!

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