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If my felony record is sealed in Nevada, can I pursue a career in law enforcement with any success?

Henderson, NV |

Class d felony (embezzlement) in 1996 served 5 years probation. Discharged honorably and paid restitution. No convictions prior or since. Record in process of being sealed as we speak. I also have applied for a governors pardon.

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In theory you should be able to pursue such a career. However, in practice it is probably not likely even with a full pardon. Once you are sure the record has been properly sealed, I would consult with an employment law attorney to guide you through the application process. Best of luck!


Yes, that is the purpose behind sealing that you can safely raise your head high and say legally there is nothing outstanding against you. There are couple of exceptions, first it is child molestation. Some other agencies like FBI can always open the record including CIA. However, law enforcement is a very wide area. If you mean police and other higher agencies, perhaps they can open it, but not regular security agencies.

Only see a licensed attorney before you make any decision. This answer may not be perfect in any given situation. However, more fact may be required by your local attorney.


Since these records are likely open to the Police and you have no Pardon I think your chances are very poor.

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