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If my father has his own house but is living with me do I have to count him as part of my household?

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My father owns his own home but stays at my house due to illness. Do I have to count him as part of my household when filling out government forms. He has his house currently rented out.

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It depends on what type of government forms you are referring to. For your income taxes, if he does not qualify as a dependent you cannot claim him. However if, for instance, you are attempting to get a tax payment arrangement you may need to count his income/expenses in your household calculation in many instances. You need to be much more specific.

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It's not clear what "government forms" you are filling out. Whether you may claim your father as a "dependent" on your federal income tax return and whether you must report him as part of your household on other (non-tax related) government forms, may be different.

However, if you are wondering whether you may claim your father as a dependent on your federal income tax return, the answer is "probably not."

You may claim your father as a dependent on your 2012 federal income tax return only if his gross income for 2012 is less than $3,800 AND you provided over one-half of your father's (financial) support during 2012.

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