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IF my ex files a petition in Arizona to change her awarded alimony, which state has jurisdiction?

Santa Maria, CA |

She's in Arizona, I'm in California and we divorced in Ca., does the Az court follow Ca law? Can she have the filed divorce papers (filed 12/2012 in Ca) refiled in Az?

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Good Morning,

What is the status of the divorce proceeding here in CA? If the matter has been finalized and a Judgment entered, then your ex-wife can request to have the CA order registered in AZ. I am not familiar with Arizona Law, however she may be able to request to move the case to AZ and then request a modification. This process would involve a lot of legal arguments and requirements, and therefore may not be successful. If your ex-wife requests to register the order in AZ, I would recommend seeking an attorney immediately.

It is difficult to give accurate legal advice when all of the details of your case are not known. Please take this into consideration and consult a local attorney if you need additional assistance.

Trevor L Hensley

Trevor L Hensley


I thought registering the order in Arizona would only help with enforcement and collections against her in Arizona. Wouldn't It is still a California order and wouldn't it still require a modification proceeding in California?

Erica Michelle Bansmer

Erica Michelle Bansmer


It would depend. It is difficult to determine with the small amount of information provided. We register orders in CA from other states quite often and then modify. However, these cases have involved child custody/support issues also. For that reason, I indicated in my answer that it Wife's success would be unlikely, depending on the individual circumstances of the parties and the facts of their dissolution.


California has continuing and exclusive jurisdiction in this issue according to the UIFSA (Uniform Interstate Family Support Act). If she wishes to modify the support award, she will need to modify it in California.

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