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If my driving priviledge is suspended in pa is there any way I can drive in a different state?

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I have a wv drivers license that has been re-instated, however it has expired, now the dmv in wv will not re-new because my priviledge is suspended in pa.wv dmv says that if my license was'nt expired i would be able to drive using it.Is there anything i can do to obtain a legal dl?

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What you need to is to once again contact the PA DMV to find out exactly what you need to do to have your privilege to drive in PA reinstated and promplty do so. I am guessing that what you'll need to provide is docs from WV of having completed license classes (PA honors ours and vice versa) and pay PA reinstatement fee. You should then be good to go barring something unforeseen given time periods in play since PA arrest for DUI.
Aside, when you have a specific State question involving specfic states, it is never wise to take advice from practioners in other states. Seek consult with legal counsel who practices in that area of the law in that state / part of the country. Constantly befuddles me, as well as numerous colleague and friends of mine around the country, why other attorneys in other states inexplicably attempt to answer state specific questions like this.
That aside, Justin McShane, Esquire, of The McShane Firm, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is one of PA's finest and most reputable DUI defense attorneys. If you have any further issues or concerns PA way, reach out to he and his firm asap using my name as a referral. Once you have been released by PA as satisifying their requirements for reinstatement, WV will renew your license. If you get caught driving in the interm you will be ticketed for driving on an expired operators license to which could further complicate the process.
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Not likely. The states are now in touch with each other via computer and the internet, so any suspension will likely be communicated to another state. Usually each state questions whether your license was suspended in that or another state, so if you are going to answer honestly (and I suggest you do, since it could be separate crime if you don't and they catch you va computers again and it could go worse for you if you lie) then its unlikely that any other state will issue you a new license while you are suspended elsewhere.


No! You have to deal with the PA suspension before you will be able to get a license. Contact a PA traffic ticket attorney for assistance. Your driving record follows you virtually everywhere you go.



The states are not as in contact as you think. I live in CO and have a CO license. I used to have a PA license that I turned in when I got my CO license. Got a questionable .011 DUI in PA - PA said I still had a license there and suspended it - never affected my CO license.


You need to contact the DMV in PA. Ask them what the hold is on your license then try to clear it up. Usually they will tell you exactly why your license is suspended and give you some idea as to how you should clear it up. If it is something simple such as you didn't pay a ticket you may be able to handle it on your own. However, if it seems difficult you are probably better off finding a traffic attorney in PA. Until you fix the PA hold wv will probably not reinstate your license. Keep in mind that all this is being said without me seeing your driving record which may give a better idea as to what is going on.