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If my case was dismissed question???

Beaumont, TX |

If my case was dismissed how long does it take for me to be able to file a expunged to release this off my record so Ican get a government job.

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This question should be directed to a criminal defense attorney.


Im moving this to criminal law heading.


Two years before a misdemeanor can be expunged and five years for a felony.
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It will depend on why your case was dismissed. There are different rules to get a case expunged or non-disclosed. You should speak to a criminal defense attorney about your case.

I am licensed in the State of Texas and my answers are only applicable to the State of Texas. The response to your question DOESN’T make me your attorney and was not intended to create an attorney client relationship. A consultation with an attorney is highly recommended to fully answer your questions in detail.


In some cases, you can obtain an expunction immediately. More often, you'll have to wait out the statute of limitations on the offense, which is two years on all misdemeanors, and at least three years on felonies (sometimes longer, depends on the offense). I have a lot of experince with expunctions, and you're welcome to contact me for more specific information--I know my answer seems vague, but there are too many unknown variables here to answer your question with the detail I think you're probably looking for.