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If my case is dropped in court is it dropped off my record

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and another question is if me and someone was charge for the same crime burglary if a building. we have different court dates is it possible one can beat the case and the other lose same thing different court dates

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If your case is dismissed your record would still show the arrest and possibly that the case was filed and indicted then dismissed but all these entries would remain until the record was expunged. Usually after the statute of limitations has run. There are other circumstances where an expunction can be granted sooner. There is no difference in court dates as between defendants charged with the same offense as in all likelihood the same prosecutor is handling both defendants.

Richard Timothy Jones

Richard Timothy Jones


I would add that not all co-defendants are treated the same. This is usually due to a difference in criminal history.


No it doesn't drop off your record. If you've been indicted you can petition to seal your records. If you weren't indicted an attorney can file to have the records expunged (basically erased).

Yes one person can lose their case and the other person can beat their case. Less likely to happen if both are on trial at the same time.
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