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If my case been indict and set a court date which is a month from now does that mean they have enough evidence to charge me???

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can the case still be dropped even if they indict the case and what about a court appointment lawyer is it true they really working against you I'm scared to request one. I know I need and attorney is it possible I can push the court date back without a lawyer.

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An indictment means that the grand jury found sufficient evidence to cause you to handle your case in court. The state can still choose, if they want, to dismiss the case.

If you go to court without a lawyer, you can ask for a reset to hire but you need to bring with you the names and fee quotes of the lawyer you have contacted in trying to hire someone.

If you do not qualify for a court appointed lawyer, you cannot get one. Court appointed lawyers work for the lawyer.

Cynthia Henley


It means the Grand Jury felt there was sufficient probable cause to send your case to a trial court. This does not mean your attorney cannot get your case reduced, dismissed, or acquitted. No, court appointed attorneys do not work against you. Unfortunately, you do get what you get with a court appointed attorney. You could get a great one or a not-so-great one. You should choose your own attorney if at all possible. Most offer free consultations, so start calling around as soon as possible. If you appear at your first court date without an attorney, the coordinator will reset your case and give you time to find the right lawyer.

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Getting indicted means that you have been officially accused by the grand jury. That happens after the procutor presents evidence to the grand jury. But, while that means you are accused, the grand jury's indictment does not count as evidence against you when you go to court.

The DA can still drop the case if he or she chooses to do so.

As far as court appointed lawyers go, some are good, some are not so good...just like hired lawyers can be good or not so good. But, court appointed lawyers have a duty to act as the defendant's lawyer.

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