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If my business (car dealership) is the lien holder on the title of a car can I do my own Repos? Or do I have to hire out?

Williston, FL |

I have many cars up for reposession. I have always done my own repos. I keep a spare key. When the time comes I start carrying around the key. If I see the car at the grocery store, I park mine, jump in the car, and take off. I call and report the repo to the local Sheriff or City Police. Last time the lady I talked to asked my repo ###. I told her I was not a repo company but was the lien holder on the title. She seemed confused that I didn't have a repo license #. Just wanted to make sure I am being legit with all this. Do I need to hire a repo company to do this. From what I understand if I am an employee or owner of the business that currently holds the title I can repossess.

I just talked to a lady in the Department of Agriculture and the Division of Licensing. After 30 minutes of talking, her putting me on hold while she discussed with others, she says that we (a Buy Here Pay Here dealer) are exempt from needing a repo license when we are the legal lien holder on the vehicles. She seems "pretty sure" about what she was saying, but said she couldn't back it up with anything in writing...which makes me nervous

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Any individual or agency who, for consideration, advertises as providing or performs repossessions must have a license. Licensing would not be required if you are doing your own repossessions.