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If my boyfriend on probation and still lacks 4 more years and interfer On a 911 call what can happen to him?

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He took the phone away from his ex cause she was hitting him and she broke his windshield and he told her that he was calling the police and she said u don't have to i will do it for you! But he was playing with her cause he didn't want her to get in trouble. Also the reason his on probation now is failure to appear!!!

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This requires strategy with a good criminal defense attorney. As is typical with exes it's a he said-she said and may require the case be set for trial. As for probation, again, may require a contested hearing to prove he did not commit the offense of interference with a 911 call. But without knowing the entire story, I don't know how to properly comment on your question.


If he's on probation for four years, its for a felony--not an fta. His probation will almost certainly be violated because of the new case. He needs a good defense attorney trying to get him out of this.

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Whenever someone is on probation and they receive a new charge it's always a serious matter. Any violation of probation can result in jail time. It's best to hire an attorney sooner rather than later.
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