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If my boyfriend and I (same-sex couple) register a civil partnership in the UK, will that help him get into the US?

Carlsbad, CA |

My boyfriend and I (same-sex couple) are trying to determine the best way for him to immigrate to the US and we have decided on a B-2 Visitor Visa for the time being, just to get him here. We then plan to search for employment and receive a sponsorship or look at student visa options.

We then realized that the UK legally recognizes same-sex "marriages" and calls them civil partnerships. If we were to register a civil partnership with the UK, from a British embassy or from the within the UK, would that help the immigration process for him to the US?

If not, what is our best course of action, trying to do everything as legally and quickly as possible.

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I don't think the U.S. immigration laws currently recognize same-sex marriages from anywhere in the world. You should re-post this question under the category of Immigration Law and have the outstanding immigration lawyers on Avvo respond to your question.