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If me and my boyfriend are both felons and are on probation and I am pregnant with his child are we allowed to live together?

Phoenix, AZ |

Me and my boyfriend met while both on probation, I am pregant now with his child, we plan to ask our probation officers to move in together. Will we be allowed to do that since I am pregnant or will we both be violated?

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Your approaching this right way by asking first before simply acting. Both of you need to discuss this matter with your respective probation agents and see first if it is prohibited or forbidden. If it isn't than it would be fine to move in together. However, if it is not allowed than the situation needs to be discussed to see about the possibility of amending the probation order to delete whatever language would be prohibiting the two of you from living together. If that cannot be accomplished voluntarily than one or the both of you will need to retain counsel and petition the court to amend the probation order to permit the two of you to live together.