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If mandated to work a second shift concurrently, and no one shows up again, do I have an obligation to stay for another shift?

Fresno, CA |

I am in a union, licensed nurse for State of CA. I have been told that there could be a strike at my facility due to budget demands and if so, the strike will be considered a "Blue Flu" for 24 hours. Being that it is a 24 hour facility, if I am scheduled to work the graveyard shift (10:45pm-6:45am) and no one shows up for the 6:45-2:45, I will b mandated. After my second shift, no one else shows up, can I be mandated a third time with-in 24 hours? Given that it is a sick-out, there will be no one to cover at all. Am I obligated by my license to stay in order to avoid "patient abandonment" charges and possibly lose my license? I know the union contract does not allow more than 16 hours consecutively, but what laws might it jeopardize?

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Public safety laws to name a few. You should contact counsel immediately.

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