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If irs took my exs tax return how long does it take to get it from the irs

Norfolk, VA |

He owes me around 19,000 in back child support but hasnt paid anything in 6 years but child support recovery isnt doing anything to him

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It takes about 30 days for the IRS to send the money to the Child Support Agency in your area, then it is up to them to make the distribution to you. Check with the Child Support Agency in your area and ask them if they have received the money and if there is anything you can do to speed up the process.

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Is he working? If so, it may be possible for the commonwealth of Virginia to take monies directly from his pay check to pay for child support.

Although this strategy does not address the issue of the $19k back child support owed, it can help going forward so you are hopefully not put in this position again.

Consult with an attorney ASAP. An attorney who practices family law and has experience with child support issues should be able to help you. If you cannot afford an attorney, contact your local bar association; it may be able to have an attorney assist you pro bono if you meet specified asset/income thresholds. Be sure to bring with you a copy of any court order of child support (or other relevant legal documents) and any evidence of his payments and missed payments.

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