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If in a Court Ordered drug program & you must volunteer work, & you suffer physical injury, (not your fault) Do I have a suit?

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My brother was remanded into custody by a criminal Sup.Court Judge.He was Ctr.Ordered
to a 1yr drug program. During week 3 he was instructed to volunteer at .Armycenter
While he was there,he was "run into" by a forklift. It tore up his right leg.,below the knee and continuing on pass the ankle & back part of foot.It is also a terrible color.No one has offered to pay or reimburse him for dr.bills/prescriptions.He needs to go again to the dr.'s.However, our family is very low on money, for our beloved Grandmother has recently passed away as of last Friday.My brother is presently home,with Court's permission of a 2week stay,Then he must return to the live in facility,Doesn't that make him under "THE CARE,CONTROL,&CUSTODY"
OF THE COURT?COUNTY?or STATE? Does he have a suit?

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He may have a workers compensation action and/or action against the forklift driver/company

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