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If im suspended in IL (non-moving, non-DUI related) can i obtain a drivers licence in FL, having a residence there?

Chicago, IL |

parking tickets

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You will weed to check with a Florida attorney to be certain, but more than likely you'll have to clear up your parking tickets and become eligible to restore your IL license before FL will issue you a license.


I agree with Attorney Goldstein. I believe it is very unlikely that FL with issue you a license with the outstanding suspension in IL. A definitive answer will necessarily come from an attorney licensed in FL familiar with its licensing laws. I would suggest that you repost your question and change the practice area to licensing and direct from FL. The obvious solution is to resolve the IL suspension.


Possibly. Contact Florida's DMV. If you can't get a straight answer out of them, you may need to hire a defense attorney (we're used to dealing with license issues) to straighten it out for you. The best solution, of course, is to clear up your license in Illinois.

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Ordinarily, a suspension in one state is recognized by the other states pursuant to the Interstate Compact. You will need to consult with the Fla DMV and perhaps a lawyer familiar with the traffic laws of Florida