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If im on unsupervised probation for agg assult and i got a charge of petty theft(shoplifting). What can happen??

Knoxville, TN |
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One of the primary concerns that a defendant should have when picking up a new charge while on probation is that a violation of probation (VOP) will be filed against him/her. A traditional requirement of probation is that the defendant not pick up any new local, state, or federal charges. If you do pick up a new charge, you would violate this term of your probation. A prosecutor may then ask for a VOP to be issued, and your bond may be revoked. Your best bet is to contact a criminal defense attorney ASAP to discuss how best to handle your particular situation.


You may, but probably will not, be charged with violation of probation. Call your attorney who handled your agg assault charge immediately and inform him or her of the petty theft. They will be able to determine whether your probation officer is aware of the new charge and whether or not they plan to violate you. If you are represented by an attorney currently, talk to your attorney about this matter immediately.

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