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If im 17 can i move out of my parents house without their permission?

Carmel, NY |

Im 17 as of decemember i want to know once i turn 17 am i legally aloud to leave my parents house or can they say that im a run away? Am i able to pack my stuff and leave and have nothing else to do with them?

Im in NYS. I thought that they changed the law that 17 was legal. I know that means with the whole statutory rape but im hoping its legal matters like this to...

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18 is the legal age of majority in New York. You cannot move out at 17 without being emancipated. 17 is the legal age of sexual consent. It is a completely different issue.

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So if i get emancipated does that change things, but what happens for say if i just leave without being emancipated?


If you become emancipated, you may move out. To learn more about becoming emancipated, I suggest you start with the information at the following link:
Good luck!

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18 is the legal age of majority unless you get a court order emancipating you.

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I am sorry to hear about your situation. No, you have to wait until you;re 18 unless your emancipated. Here's some info. on it from the link:

If there is no official court process for becoming emancipated, what conditions must I meet to be considered emancipated?

In order to be considered emancipated, you must:

· Be over the age of 16

· Not live with either of your parents (unless you live away from home only because of school, camp, college, or other temporary situation)

· Not receive any financial support from your parents (unless a court has ordered them to pay you support or you only receive benefits that you are entitled to, such as Social Security)

· Have your own job as your main source of income (unless your job is only a summer or vacation job)

· Not be in foster care, or under court ordered supervision

You can also be considered emancipated if you:

· Enter the military

· Get married

A child might be considered emancipated if he/she leaves his/her parents home without a good reason. The child must also refuse to obey the reasonable demands of his/her parents. If the child leaves for a good reason, however, (such as child abuse) the parents will most likely still have to support their child. If that child is under 16, however, they will not be emancipated and will only fall under the supervision of Family Court.

If I am an emancipated child under 18 years old, what are my rights?

You have the right to:

· Keep your own wages

· Establish your own legal residence

· Go to school where you live

· Sue your parents for support if they forced you to leave home

· Receive some public benefits, depending on how you became emancipated

If I am an emancipated child under 18 years old, do I still need my parents’ permission for anything?

You must still get your parents’ permission to:

· Get working papers

· Get a learner’s permit or driver’s license

· Get routine health care (unless it is an emergency, because of a sexually transmitted disease (STD), for family planning services, for alcohol or mental health treatment, or if you are pregnant, a parent, or married)

You must also meet age and consent requirements to get married.

I wish you the best of luck.

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