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If I work for a Canadian company on a work visa and the parent company is located in the USA can I be transferred on a L-1 Visa?

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I'm not a Canadian or US citizen but I have a Canadian work permit and I work for a branch of a US company based in Canada. If I wanted a transfer to the US corporate office would the L-1 Visa be the Visa to accomplish this goal? I'm asking because I'm unsure if I would need to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada to be transferred to the US.

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You do not need to be a Canadian citizen
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Your citizenship won't disqualify you from getting an L-1, if you are otherwise qualified.

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Note that your COMPANY would need to be the one to fill out all the paperwork, pay all fees, and provide all documentation to demonstrate the relationship between the companies, your having worked for at least one year of the past three for a related company abroad, and your current and desired future positions both meeting criteria for L1A or L1B.

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Citizenship is irrelevant for Ls.